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publish date: June 06, 2017

poor customer service................

i have been banking with them for a past decade,just for a reason that they have pretty decent online banking,apart from that their customer service is pathetic and unresponsive,
my online banking was abruptly ceased one day only to later realize that the debit card has expired,unlike other banks they don t even bother to inform their customer before hand or send them a replacement only to face an inconvenience of staying cashless for the next two weeks
on another occasion i went to my bank in f8 islamabad to discuss some home finance options and was directed to a guy called ali,,to cut story short after the cold shoulder hand shake he abruptly ended the start by indulging on his mobile to discuss some trivial matters disregarding a potential customer,eventually i got hold their manager,and he started defended his employee under one pretext or another,eventually i confronted him to retrieve the cctv of the whole episode ,and uptill now i am still waiting for their outcome on my complaint

Askari Bank is rated 1.00 based on 1 reviews